What is the secret to success? written by Mr. Azim

I’ll never forget my dad’s lesson …

While on a trip, he once called me out apart from the group. “Hector,” he said, “come here, son!” while pointing at a big rock.

“Yes, Dad?” I answered as I approached him.

“See these tiny drops of water, hitting over this stone?” he asked.

“What about them, Dad?”

“Look how tiny and delicate these drops are,” he said while placing his hand under the dripping water.

I stretched my hand to feel each drop of water hitting my hand.

“There’s a big lesson in each of these drops!” my father said.

I stared at him and asked, “What do you mean?”

“These drops of water remind me about my life accomplishments. Everything that I have ever achieved in life has been ONLY through intentional perseverance and focus.”

My dad paused for a second and said, “See this huge rock below, receiving each drop?”

“Yes?” I answered.

“Isn’t it remarkable that such a delicate drop of water can wear down and shape this stone? Small, sometimes insignificant drops of “progress” have sculpted this rock.”

(I miss you, my wise, old man!)

To answer your question, what is the secret to success?

In life, success is achieved NOT by force, but through focused, constant, relentless persistence.